TEN offers in-company communication and management training along with Human Resources consultancy. We are English native speakers and work mostly in English. This is of particular benefit to international training groups, as we ensure that the communication within the group remains clear at all times.

This is an important point as, in an academic study, Purdy & Borishoff concluded that even when native speakers have a conversation in their own language, in 75% of cases, they don’t understand what the other person is telling them!

So what happens when a non-native speaker gives a communication training in English to a group of 6 different nationalities?

We place particular emphasis on the intake procedure: speaking not only to senior management and other stakeholders, but also to prospective participants; in order to fully understand their concerns and to identify potential skills gaps, which may be essential in developing a truly appropriate learning solution.

We firmly believe that communication training and organizational development should be made-to-measure, depending on the needs of your people and the specific situations concerned. The idea of one-size-fits-all doesn’t work for clothes, so why on earth should it work for training, where much more complex issues are involved.

This website should be considered simply as a taster. Of course there is much more that we could include but, as with presentations (no one ever thinks that a presentation is too short), surely it’s best to know when to shut up, and hopefully questions will then follow.

So please do get in touch (below).

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