Management development

As a result of fundamental re-structuring of industrial processes, senior technicians were appointed as, effectively, managing directors of divisions within a large manufacturing plant.

They had no experience in management, and were now responsible for leadership and team building (for groups of around 50 people) along with all aspects of running the business, from the purchase of raw materials to delivery of finished products.

The company culture was highly hierarchical and very traditional in its understanding of the role of managers. These new managers, however, needed to be creative and to develop as entrepreneurs with verve!

A series of workshops were given to provide these new managers with the essential tools of people management, and prepare them for the many difficult corporate situations which they would encounter from their own staff (including resistance to change). Initially, a range of psychometric tests was used to analyse the personal communication style of the participants.

The program received excellent evaluations and resulted in a final, coaching phase in which we supported these new managers in making their own individual leadership development plans.