Team building

Following a re-organisation, a newly formed management team (of mixed seniority) were having some difficulty integrating all the changes and establishing workable procedures to become a highly effective team.

A series of workshops were held, starting with a one-day ‘buy-in’ session, which gave participants an opportunity to test their own assumptions on how well they were working together, as a team.

The concept of ‘team citizenship’ was introduced, and this exposed a large number of communication and culture-related issues which needed attention. These topics were subsequently used as the raw material for a series of exercises and group sessions, spread over several months.

As the work with the management team was so successful, we were invited to give workshops to everyone in the division (around 60 people), in order to include their opinions about what needed to change in the company culture.

At the end of the project, a large-scale 2-day event was organized, during which a comprehensive action plan was developed, to create a trusting, supportive environment in which everyone could work well together.