Who we are

Based in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, TEN is a training company which – as the tag-line above says – specializes in improving business performance.

We have worked in many different industries, with individuals and teams, including:

sales staff, account executives, European country managers, lawyers and accountants, technical specialists and industrial process managers, managing directors and board members and customer service agents.

We work, mostly in English, with international groups, and offer in-company training and consultancy focusing on:

  • clear communication
  • developing people
  • providing essential skills (management, presentation, conflict resolution, negotiation etc.)
  • team building
  • dealing with cultural diversity, change and stress.

See an overview for some of the possibilities.

N.B. When working in English, all our consultants are native speakers. This is particularly helpful for multi-national companies and for people who need to work internationally.


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