Training can be designed as part of a career development plan for your managers, or other staff; or simply to cover one specific topic: such as leadership,  team building or dealing with stress.

This could cover anything from understanding the basics of empowering your staff and effective influence and impact, to leadership development and management coaching. The process could include psychometric tests, personal strategy analysis, creative visioning, interactive exercises, role play with actors and many other elements. We use whatever makes sense to achieve your corporate goals.

Some issues, for example: process improvement and ‘growing’ a mindset of continuous improvement, are initially best approached as organizational development projects; with personal communication skills development coming at the end, rather than the beginning.

When specific training is then offered, all your people will be highly motivated to attend and keen to apply new skills; as they will have been made responsible for their own personal development throughout the process, and have chosen the elements to be covered – rather than being simply ‘sent’ on courses deemed appropriate.


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