Here are some of the options for training and consultancy:

1. Improving communication
Learn to become aware of your own communication style; develop assertiveness; handle ‘difficult’ clients, give presentations and make meetings work.

2. Enhancing personal effectiveness
Dependent on your ability to communicate clearly, manage your time, plan, delegate, and deal with conflict. Can also include concentration exercises and energy building.

3. Preventing & managing stress
Stress can be very costly for both the organization and the individual. Learn what stress is, why it’s so bad for you and how to avoid it in the first place! (Research has shown that relaxed people are far more productive and creative.)

4. Developing & maintaining highly successful teams
Ideally, a team is a source of energy, where strong relationships and personal diversity produce brilliant, creative solutions. Great teams rarely just happen, and team building is a necessary process for most.

5. The multi-cultural organization

How does your organization approach cultural differences? Do you really value different cultural values and practices; and fully profit from the diversity?

6. Essential management skills

Covers leadership issues, motivation, decision making, interviewing techniques, negotiating effectively and time management etc.

7. Dealing with change
Reorganizations and development programs are simply part of corporate life. The attitude to change in your company could be the key to success, or failure.

8. Developing the organization
Can include identifying key drivers for change, providing feedback and coaching skills, supporting self-steering teams or facilitating customized workshops on issues affecting performance.

9. Creative group problem solving

In difficult situations, sometimes you just can’t see how to move forward. A facilitator can help your people to think ‘out of the box’, to break the deadlock and open up discussion on the real (underlying) issues.

10. Business events

Group facilitation; business simulations; meditation; kick-off workshops; ice breakers. Mini workshops on stress, coaching or other topics could be perfect “refreshers” as part of your in-house events. Yoga, stretching and energy exercises can be integrated into many sessions.


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