Business simulations

Business simulations are an excellent starting point for issues around organizational development; as they allow people to experience the market consequences of the company’s culture, and can be used to develop financial and operational skills.

We use business simulations that transform people through experiential learning and generate real change. Having analysed your business needs, we create a safe and positive environment in which your employees can experiment and learn. These are not computer-based simulations; your people work in a dynamic, true-to-life situation. They make their own discoveries and come to their own conclusions.

In a typical simulation, teams compete in a replica of a real world, open market. They go through several business cycles (which represents a time scale of around a year); experience critical moments and interdependencies, and face the consequences of their decisions; within a realistic model of your company, which reflects existing management and communication styles. This powerful experience has a very positive and sustained impact on your employees’ performance and, ultimately, on the profitability of your business.

Business simulations are available for many industries and can be customized to focus on a wide range of issues including:

aligning companies (removing/reducing ‘silo’ mentality)
business process improvement
continuous business improvement
total quality
supply chain issues
LEAN, manufacturing excellence
leadership (including development of behavioral competencies)
change leadership
building high-performance teams
cross-functional integration
culture orientation
customer focus and decision-making