We provide in-company solutions through team and Board development, leadership and behavioural skills training and by facilitating organisational change.

We advise on Human Resources strategy issues helping companies develop culturally-appropriate performance and talent management, appraisal, career and succession processes to meet their business goals.

This covers issues like how learning fits in with Human Resources Management, tracking, retention, developing career paths, a compensatory framework and the whole business of planning and aligning to goals; along with striking a good balance between driving long-term organizational performance and implementing highly visible quick wins, in skills and attitude change, which will help to fuel continuous management buy-in.

We also facilitate highly practical business simulations which are an excellent starting point for issues around organizational development (as they allow people to experience the market consequences of the company’s culture) and can be used to develop financial and operational skills.

Apart from English, we can also work in several other languages, including Dutch.